Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sometimes you're the windshield...

It was a beautiful run this evening down on the Jordan Parkway, but the words to the Mark Knopfler song "The Bug" kept going through my mind...
"Sometimes you're the windshield... Sometimes you're the bug...  "

There was a hatch of something tonight, so if I was fishing - this would be a great thing! But for runners and bikers, well...  it's just buggy!

I passed folks who were choking on bugs, some with masks, some with frustrated hands swatting, and every sweaty person I passed had little black dots stuck on their faces and arms...  I was smiling (for I almost always smile when I'm running) so of course when I looked in the rear view mirror - I had beautiful black bugs in my teeth!

This experience made me reflect on how life is so much like my run this evening...  Sometimes you are just running along - and then out of nowhere - you find yourself in a cloud of bugs! - It's not anything you did, or didn't do, it just is there...  And when you hit one of these bug clouds, I believe we all get to make a choice...  We can get frustrated, we can blame, we can yell and scream, or we can just smile and keep running...  knowing that - this too will pass... - and if it doesn't pass quickly - we can smile at those around us - and hopefully help lighten their loads - by giving them something to smile back at (a buggy grin!)

Here's to a great run! Bugs and all!

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