Friday, April 25, 2014

All we Knead is LOVE

   As you are aware, if you've ever been into the bakery, we hire some of the most amazing individuals! Each employee brings their own unique set of gifts and talents to share with each of us, and with each of our awesome customers...
   As I was contemplating what to post this week...  Amber was explaining that she had written a paper about her experience working here at the bakery...  She printed a copy and brought it to me...  And it made me smile...

  So today - I share with you Amber's words...  Thanks Amber!

All we “knead” is love
To work at Great Harvest, you really do need to understand the words of John Lennon and the Beatles when he said “all we need is love.” The mission statement of the company is just that – Love.  At Great Harvest we believe in running fast to serve our customers, baking phenomenal bread and giving generously to name just a few. When you walk into a Great Harvest, you will always be greeted by someone who is kind, generous, honest and genuine.  As a company, they attract employees that love learning because it is fun. Our bakeries and business are an adventure and a place to play and grow while working and building our communities.  
Customers truly enjoy coming to Great Harvest for the amazing service they receive, but just as importantly for the delicious products we make. We bake our breads with simple and fresh ingredients which makes all the difference. All of the wheat is purchased from local farmers in the US and milled in each store fresh for its own bakery.  We try to limit the number of ingredients to make our products as simple as possible. When you use fresh ingredients, there is no reason to cover up the delicious tastes. Most of our breads start with just five simple ingredients. We use Fresh-ground whole wheat flour, water, fresh yeast, salt, and local honey to sweeten. We test our products personally to make sure they are perfect for our customers. Many of the bakeries even make soups and sandwiches that are make fresh with locally purchased produce. You can also always count on getting a free slice of bread or some sort of treat even if you don’t buy anything. It’s our gift to you to tell you how much we appreciate you and value the time you took to be with us that day. 
What does the future hold for bakeries such as Great Harvest? I believe strongly that they will continue to grow and thrive. Younger generations are becoming more environmentally aware and health conscious. Many people are looking to support local smaller businesses that give back to the community. Great Harvest does all of those things and will only continue to grow because of the unique exchange of ideas between franchises. They work together to help each other grow as well as the company. 

Great Harvest employees and the many owners of different bakeries from all around the country that I have met are all amazing people. They truly believe in the product they make and sell. They believe in the company, the mission statement, and the communities they are in. Because of this passion and energy, it brings people back to their bakery time and time again. They generosity and kindness they show each customer really does prove that “all we knead is love!”

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